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Recent Outing

My good and patient friend Jennifer invites me to a lot of things.  I usually have a ton of excuses (usually the stress of handling the children on my own or the expense of such and such) as to why it’s not feasible at that particular time. 

She hasn’t given up on me and we managed to do a few fun things this year.  The first being a viewing of an awesome production of The Wizard of Oz at her local high school and the second being a trip to Parc Safari in Hemmingford, Quebec.  I shocked her by agreeing to go. 

We had amazing weather that day and I think the kids had fun.  Mine are super spoiled, so they expect the sun, the moon and the stars.  It’s not my idea of a good time sans kids, but hey I got out of the house and spent a nice day with four lovely gals.

Here’s a slideshow from that day.  Sorry about all of the boring animal photos mixed in between.  I am so not an animal person.  Having them stick their long scary heads into the car and not pulling them back out promptly, scared the hell out of me.


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Another Kindergarten Grad

My baby girl graduated from kindergarten this morning.  I won’t bore you with the details, I’ll just show you the photos.  They aren’t the best, but at least I got a few.  So much for their seating chart – HA!


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Wordless Wednesday – First Day of School

Today Ashley started first grade and Morgan started PreK.  Big day for both girls.


Wordless Wednesday – Smuggling A Torpedo

July 2003 – 8 months preggers with Morgan.  I was gargantuan! 

It’s okay, feel free to comment on my substantial girth 🙂

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Wordless Wednesday – Friend or Foe?

  Jennifer and Jolene – 1986

Note the lovely hairstyle I’m sporting and the way I have my shirt tucked in.  So fabulous.  Jennifer’s glasses are sexy too.

See how she’s digging her nails into my arm?  That’s basically what she and I did – fight and torture one another.  I’m glad we stopped doing that.  She no longer has her defense mechanisms (glasses and braces).  I might be able to walk away without a scratch these days 🙂 

What do you say Jennifer, “Do you wanna die?” (Just kidding y’all, it’s an inside joke.)


Wordless Wednesday – The Amicable Years


Christmas 1994


Summer 1997

Christmas 1997


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