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Recent Outing

My good and patient friend Jennifer invites me to a lot of things.  I usually have a ton of excuses (usually the stress of handling the children on my own or the expense of such and such) as to why it’s not feasible at that particular time. 

She hasn’t given up on me and we managed to do a few fun things this year.  The first being a viewing of an awesome production of The Wizard of Oz at her local high school and the second being a trip to Parc Safari in Hemmingford, Quebec.  I shocked her by agreeing to go. 

We had amazing weather that day and I think the kids had fun.  Mine are super spoiled, so they expect the sun, the moon and the stars.  It’s not my idea of a good time sans kids, but hey I got out of the house and spent a nice day with four lovely gals.

Here’s a slideshow from that day.  Sorry about all of the boring animal photos mixed in between.  I am so not an animal person.  Having them stick their long scary heads into the car and not pulling them back out promptly, scared the hell out of me.


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Another Kindergarten Grad

My baby girl graduated from kindergarten this morning.  I won’t bore you with the details, I’ll just show you the photos.  They aren’t the best, but at least I got a few.  So much for their seating chart – HA!


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The Talk

I just finished catching up on all my DVRed shows.  The DVR is set to record certain shows every week or every day.  For instance, Oprah.  I truly love that show when it is good.  That’s the nice thing about DVR.  I can just fast forward through all the crap or erase a show that doesn’t interest me.

I swear I cry over something I see on Oprah at least three times a week.  What a sap. 

Did anyone see her shows on when and how to talk to your kids about sex?  Wow.  I’m no prude, but I am seriously dreading having that talk with my girls.  I did not have the talk with my mom until the deed was already done and I was terribly resistant to anything she had to tell me. 

My mom was a terrible snoop back in the day and I wasn’t about to go to her with any questions.  Anything I would have told her would have been told to my aunts, sister, dad, etc.  How mortifying.  I didn’t even tell her when I got my period and she didn’t find out for six months after. 

All things reproductive embarrassed the hell out of me.  If my mom hung my bra on the clothesline, I wanted to die.  If a love scene came on Dallas or Falcon Crest, I ran out of the room.  So the lines of communication were not good.  I had a set of 4 encyclopedias, that I still have, published circa 1965, that taught me all that I knew back in grade school.

Just watching the mom on the show give the talk to her daughter, wow.  I don’t want to do it, but I know I have to in order to have a healthy relationship with my kids.  I want them to be able to come to me with anything and not be ashamed, embarrassed, etc.  My God, I was 26, married and having to tell my mom and dad that I was pregnant with Ashley was so embarrassing.  It was like stating, “Hey folks, I had sex”.  So I definitely want things to be better for my kids.  I also don’t want my daughters sneaking off to K-Mart buying “things” and hoping for the best or sneaking around and cutting class in order to visit a clinic to get birth control pills.  Thanks Michelle for driving that day when I chickened out 🙂

The doctor on the show has a downloadable handbook on Oprah’s website.  Gulp.  She’s got some controversial stuff in there for the teenagers, but I guess it’s better coming from a parent than a friend on the bus.  It’s not like they won’t find out about it on their own. 

I’ve got a few years before I have to worry (I hope).  So far the questions coming from my kids have been pretty easy to answer.


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I don’t like neighbors. I like privacy. I don’t like noise and I don’t like that I don’t have control over that aspect of my life. I would like to have a house in the middle of 50 acres, all fenced in and wooded. Not wooded right next to the house, but all around so that I can’t see any other houses or junk behind garages.

My neighbor is a bored old man who doesn’t have any friends. He’s an asshole with a temper. We haven’t said a word to each other since the day I flew out of the house and chastised him in front of another neighbor for burying plastic garbage bags full of leaves in what is essentially our shared backyard. Not one word. We go out of our way not to make eye contact.

He mowed his lawn on Saturday, then again on Sunday and then again today. I think he is sick in the head. He has a four wheeler, lawn mower, tractor, leaf blower and tiller.  All of which grate on my nerves. He used the lawn mower, tractor and tiller today – brrrrr, brrrrrrmmmmm, brrrr, over and over and over. When one thing stops another starts. That man needs an effing job. If only he could keep one. 

Dan recently purchased some land in a nearby town for the sole purpose of hunting.  All land transactions are posted in the local newspapers.  Five people questioned us about it when it appeared.  I get it, it’s public record, but damn it’s annoying.  The neighbor’s wife asked Dan if we were going to build there.  Her husband, the asshole, must have been all excited at the prospect of us moving, specifically me.  Sorry, not moving next to another crazy bastard.  The guy who owns the property next to the land Dan bought is another dickhead.  Long story that I can’t tell on a public blog.

I’m constantly checking the local real estate listings and a realtor sends me stuff on a daily basis.  I know I should stay here and I do like my house, but man, what I wouldn’t give to get away from this particular neighborhood.  I live in a Village and the street I’m on is supposed to have a 30 mph speed limit – ha!  It’s more like 50 mph and dangerous for children and pets.

I lust after some of the houses in another Village near here, but I don’t think I could handle being that close to people again.  I went to a birthday party a few days ago that was held at a home in that Village.  There was no place to park, no place to turn around, so claustrophobic.  It just made me anxious to get out.  I realized that I need to stop thinking about possibly buying a house in that area.  It would be a possibility after the kids were grown up, but definitely not now.  I would be miserable.

I have a home.  I need to be patient and not so impetuous when it comes to a huge decision like buying a forever home.  It’s so hard because I want everything NOW.

Oh great, now he’s pounding on metal.  I’d like to pound on his head.  Where’s a home association committee when I need one?


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Mother’s Day 2009

Happy Mother’s Day (a day late). I meant to write yesterday, but yesterday sucked. Well, the first part did anyway. The evening was pretty nice. I found out this morning why I was throwing myself such a pity party yesterday. What a wreck. Oh well, it passed as usual.

Dan had to work until 4:00. In years past he would have gone turkey hunting, so he never did anything for Mother’s Day. No surprise there.

After a gloom and doom morning, I brought the girls to visit my parents. I got her the standard issue card and a big mounding container of impatiens. They always plant them in the antique caldron on the side of the house. The visit was the same as usual – mom annoying the hell out of me and me getting bitchy and bossy at her. My dad must love when I go over.

When I got home, Dan made dinner for us. He made venison tenderloin, stir-fried zucchini and boiled potatoes. It was quite good for a spur of the moment meal. I was supposed to get my make-up Mother’s Day lunch the day before, just him and me. Didn’t happen. The MIL was the cause. She is usually the reason we fight. So Saturday sucked too. That woman is a piece of work.

We even played a board game together. Shocker. We try to watch AFV as a family every night. The kids like it, we like it – win, win. They even went to bed easy for a change. To finish the night, Dan and I watched the Incredible Hulk. Hey it was on. It wasn’t bad. When I was little (circa 1978/1979) I used to watch the original television series. Yeah, um, I’m glad the hulk was just a big body builder in green makeup back then as opposed to the hulk of today. I once had a nightmare about the hulk back then and was found under the kitchen table crying in the middle of the night. I would have needed therapy had I seen the hulk of today at 3 or 4 years old.

Morgan & Mommy

On a brighter note, Morgan’s kindergarten class had a Mother’s Day Tea for all the mothers or grandmothers on Friday. It was nice. Morgan drew a picture of me and wrote all the things she liked about me, etc. They also had a little poem to read and a song. So cute. The written poem and the hand prints made me well up. It was about them growing up and looking back on their little handprints to see how small they used to be 😥 We were served cookies and iced tea. After a few photos, I got to bring her and Ashley home with me.

I went to the Tea that they had in Ashley’s kindergarten class two years prior. Big difference. Let’s just say that Morgan is a little more loving and friendlier and we’ll leave it at that.

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About Easter.

I had been dreading Easter for over a week. 

Back before Christmas, I let my MIL have it with both barrels.  17 years of pent up resentment spewed forth for over an hour.  Needless to say, I avoided her like the plague after that.  Dan was not pleased that I spoke my mind, although the whole family feels the same way I do (seriously). 

Long story short I went to Easter lunch with Dan and the girls.  I did not hug anyone, but I did say Happy Easter to everyone in the room.  I hate being forced to embrace people just because.  So I didn’t.  Score one for me.

Then his sister showed up with scraggelly boyfriend number 987.  I don’t even bother to learn their names anymore.  She also brought her dog (see photo below).  She always brings her dog.  It has fleas and ear mites and was scratching and digging away all afternoon.  Yuck.  She is 35.  For the past 17 years she predictably plucks things such as olives out of communal bowls with her germy fingers.  I called her on it in front of everyone this year.  Yeah, that’s what I do.  I’m a bitch who doesn’t like filth.

So lunch was put out.  His mother took off, mumbling something about having to go somewhere.  She didn’t eat with us.  She came back awhile later and sat off to the side.  She didn’t talk to anyone.  The food sucked.  I ate as little as possible.  I’m not trying to be mean, the food actually sucked.

Same holiday, different year.  Spent the prerequisite time there as a “family” and then we left.  Before we left, I made sure to make eye contact with the MIL and say thank you for dinner.  She nodded and that was all.

Thank God the next holiday isn’t until November.


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Daisy Trip

Dan, Ashley, Morgan and I went to the VT Teddy Bear Factory today.  It was a group trip for the Daisy girl scout troop.  The factory is about an hour away from where we live. 

We all had a great time.  I prefer the daisies to the brownies for a bunch of reasons.  One being that the troop is a lot smaller. 

After taking a few photos outside (brrrr), we went in and started our tour.  The tour guide was very funny and kid friendly.  She showed us all of the stations and steps involved in assembling the bears.  The company makes a bear for every occasion under the sun.

Next, the girls (and boys) picked out the bears that they wanted stuffed.  Ashley picked a pink bear and Morgan chose a purple bear.  They also got to pick bowties for their bears.  They got in line for the stuffing machine.  Each kid got a felt heart to put into the bear and had to make a wish first.  They also got to choose the “stuffing” for the bear i.e. giggles, laughter, love, etc.  Both Ashley and Morgan chose love. 

The next step was to fill out the bear’s birth certificate while the tour guide sewed the bear.  The girls got to cut the “umbilical cord” and the time was noted for each bear’s birth.  They also chose names.  Ashley chose Cotton Candy and Morgan chose Emma.  Yup, her pet fish is Emma and the bear is Emma. 

After paying for their adopted friends and obtaining their “crates”, we went outside again for more group photos and then the trip was over.  Pain-free and a good time after all.

We went to lunch at Denny’s (just us).  Dan is not a fan, but I like it and considering we don’t have one in pburgh – I won.  Next to seafood, breakfast is my favorite anytime of the day.

A 4-star day.  Would be 5 if Dan didn’t have to work tonight.  Can’t have it all.


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