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Wordless Wednesday – Farmer Dan


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Wordless Wednesday – First Day of School

Today Ashley started first grade and Morgan started PreK.  Big day for both girls.


Wordless Wednesday – Black Pond

Photos Dan took on his recent fishing trip on Black Pond near Paul Smith’s, New York (Adirondacks).


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Wordless Wednesday – Whoreific


I saw this boat at a local marina.  Judging by the name of choice, this guy must be:

1.  A perpetual bachelor;

2.  Desperate for attention;

3.  A colossal loser; and

4.  Still living with his mommy.


Wordless Wednesday – The Cherry Bandit

Remember the cherry photo from two weeks ago?  I thought I just had to worry about the birds.  They had competition this year.


Wordless Wednesday – From Year to Year

June 14, 2006

June 18, 2007

I’m dreading it, but I guess I will be shuffling things around next year.  Plants are like children – manageable in infancy only 🙂


Wordless Wednesday – Family Time

These photos are from last Saturday.