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They say spontaneity can be a good thing.  Tell that to a control freak.

Tuesday started out normal.  Kids went to school.  Dan and I went to work.  I did some errands after work and then came home.  The kids got home.  Got them snacks.  I called Rebecca back.  Talked until Dan got home.  Got on the laptop to get my daily dose of celebrity gossip.  Then the phone rang.  Keep in mind that I had been gone every day or evening since the prior Wednesday.  I was so hoping for an easy evening at home.

It was Chris, Dan’s cousin and hunting buddy from Ohio.  He was only up for one day/night on business.  Dan’s other friend and coworker Matt invited Chris to dinner, so Chris called Dan and basically said we were invited too.  No other details.  Dan got off the phone and told me and I lost my friggen mind.

Matt’s wife Lisa is a teacher and had worked all day as well.  I was livid.  Can you imagine what Lisa must have thought when Matt told her that he had invited Chris to dinner without any notice?  I know I would have freaked.  Also, I knew damn well we hadn’t been invited because neither Matt nor Lisa had called us directly.  I figured Chris was using us to get a ride to Peru (he drove a tractor trailer). 

After a lot of shouting, Dan called Matt on his cell and sure enough Matt hadn’t banked on us coming, but said come on over, blah, blah.  After a lot of debate, I called Lisa to get the scoop.  She didn’t know about us coming either until Matt got home and told her.  She insisted that it was fine, don’t worry, etc. 

By that time Dan had told the girls that we were going and of course they wanted to go because they like playing with Matt and Lisa’s son Ryan.  I was still unhappy about imposing, etc., but I didn’t want to make everyone miserable.  I made sure that we didn’t arrive empty-handed (dessert, italian bread, and of course – beer).

It’s a good thing that I’m not any bigger because it was a tight squeeze between the two booster seats in the back. 

I ate too much, but it was a nice evening.  The men talked hunting, the kids played and Lisa and I got a chance to catch up.

Maybe next time we will all have a few days notice 🙂

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