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Wordless Wednesday – Whoreific


I saw this boat at a local marina.  Judging by the name of choice, this guy must be:

1.  A perpetual bachelor;

2.  Desperate for attention;

3.  A colossal loser; and

4.  Still living with his mommy.


Wordless Wednesday – The Bride Cuts The Cake

 My niece Nina at her wedding last year.


Wordless Wednesday – Friend or Foe?

  Jennifer and Jolene – 1986

Note the lovely hairstyle I’m sporting and the way I have my shirt tucked in.  So fabulous.  Jennifer’s glasses are sexy too.

See how she’s digging her nails into my arm?  That’s basically what she and I did – fight and torture one another.  I’m glad we stopped doing that.  She no longer has her defense mechanisms (glasses and braces).  I might be able to walk away without a scratch these days 🙂 

What do you say Jennifer, “Do you wanna die?” (Just kidding y’all, it’s an inside joke.)