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Softball Season Is Here

Ashley had her first softball practice last night. The season is starting earlier, a month earlier, this year. I’m annoyed, but it will help improve their skills. Last year they had two practices before the games started. I must say it was warmer in June. The moms sitting on the sideline froze their butts off. I was prepared. I wore my parka and gloves.

There’s a new coach this year. A teamate’s mom. I don’t have enough information to form an opinion as of yet.

Having the kids throw to one another in the blinding sun when they could have simply turned to the side annoyed me. Another mother griped about the same thing and I told her, “You know her, go tell her to move them.” She said, “No way in hell, she was my daughter’s soccer coach and we had a tiff last year.” Great. That’s one of the reasons I don’t want to be a coach or girl scout leader. I would piss people off without even trying.

Ashley got hit by the ball twice. Poor kid. I didn’t see either time because I was busy yakking as usual. She was a trooper and after a few tears went right back out and continued. I probably would have quit after getting hit in the mouth.

One of the dads helped the coach and they split the girls up into two groups. The dad was batting grounders and the kids were practicing fielding them. The coach was batting line drives at her kids who were about 30 feet away. Great. Glad my accident prone kid was with the dad. Some of these kids have never played before.

Next practice is on Friday night from 6:00-7:00. That’s super. Just because I was actually thinking of making plans for that night.

This is going to be a long damn season.


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D’s Birthday Party

Sunday started off as usual – kids waking us up way before we wanted and getting irritated at each other because neither of us wanted to be the one to get up with them. I should have been allowed to sleep for a variety of reasons, but I got up. Started a day filled with parenting, cleaning, laundry, etc.

In the afternoon I had to bring Ashley to a classmate’s birthday party in RP. Morgan was quite bummed, but not as hysterical as she had been on Thursday when Ashley received the invitation. The classmate’s sister is in Morgan’s class and told Morgan that she could come too. Well you know how little kids can be. She cried for 30 minutes when we explained that she couldn’t go blah, blah, blah.

After dropping Ashley off, Morgan and I went to a local store to buy Father’s Day cards and my mom’s birthday card. It’s her 73rd birthday today. We also went through the McDonald’s drive-thru for some McNuggets and milkshakes.

Two hours went by quickly and back we went to pick Ashley up. The party wasn’t finished when we got there. The hired clowns were making balloons and the kids were getting their faces painted. Morgan was included in this activity which thrilled her.

Yeah, I know, poor placement of the balloon in the following photo:

Cute faces, but washing it off, yeah, that didn’t thrill me.

Two happy kids, one ruined washcloth.


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Spring Concert 2009

Grades 2-5 had their spring concert on Friday. Ashley’s grade went on first and did a little number about caps for sale. It was cute and my kid was cute in her new outfit and pigtails. I even got to catch a glimpse of Morgan coming back from a bathroom break.

I stayed for 45 minutes and that was all I could endure. When it’s your own kid that’s one thing, but listening to 30+ recorders being played by children I don’t know, yeah, not my thing. I snuck out between routines and went downstairs to the art display. I took some photos of the girls’ artwork and then I left to do a few errands and race home before the bus.

Later after Dan got home from work, we went to a rummage sale of sorts and proceeded to obtain more crap than we needed, but got quite a few nice things as well (ornaments, tools, camper stuff, etc.)

We got back late and Dan even agreed to go get pizza at A*ngel*os. I’m sure he went along with it only because I used my gift card. The big cheapskate.


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Birthday Party & A Walk

Morgan had a classmate’s birthday party to attend today.  Dan wouldn’t switch his schedule, so I had to bring Ashley.  I decided to take advantage of the situation and make it a “special” day for Ashley. 

The party was held in a room adjacent to a local restaurant/deli.  Ashley and I had lunch together.  I also chatted with Rebecca for a little while (her daughter Emma also attended the party).  I’m sure Ashley wasn’t thrilled, but she wasn’t too pissy about it 🙂  She knows how I can go on and on and on.  So does everyone else for that matter.

After lunch, Ashley and I stopped off at the car and got some old buns to feed to the ducks at the local pier.  It was a really sunny and pretty day out, but it was still bitter and windy near the lake.  She didn’t get to feed any ducks, but the seagulls sure got fed.  Nasty creatures. 

After spending some time at the pier, we took a long walk around the Village of RP.  It was much warmer the further we got from the lake.  I made that kid walk forever.  Hopefully, I worked some of my lunch off.  I didn’t have a shake today, I shared a poutine with Ashley instead.  My guilty pleasure.  Ashley loves it too.  Bad, bad, bad.

Eventually we went back to the party and got Morgan. 

We’ve been back at home for about 40 minutes or so.  The fighting began as soon as we got inside.  Ashley just cannot help herself.  She loves to antagonize Morgan.  Morgan then hits her, she hits back.   The screaming escalates.  Ashley ended up with a 21-minute time out (7 minutes for the original offense, 7 minutes for sassing and another 7 minutes for making me physically place her in her room).

Goes to prove that nothing I do is ever good enough for that kid.

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Horseback Riding Videos

I took these videos using my still camera.  The memory card read “full” just as I started taping Morgan so she got gypped.  I should have used my camcorder, but the upload process is longer – pain.

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Wordless Wednesday

Using her cognitive powers for good instead of evil:

Ashley came up with this idea on her own.  She assembled this triple-decker bunkbed for her stuffed animals using my clothes rack, blankets and clothes pins.


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Wordless Wednesday – Sewing Tutorial With Memere


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