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Camping: A Step Backward

Here’s our latest acquistion:

The Pop-Up

We had a 24 ft. Mallard camper a few years back. We went camping two times total. I really liked the camper and it had a huge bathroom compared to some of the newer models. Long story short, Dan did not like camping with babies and all the work involved in maintaining what amounted to another home (plumbing, roof, electrical, tires, winterizing, etc.) We sold it a few years back.

I have been hounding him since last year to let us get a pop-up. Cheaper, easy to store, easy to pull. Dan doesn’t do want Dan doesn’t want to do.

We were on our way to go bullhead fishing (you saw the photos earlier) and someone along the route was putting his pop-up for sale as we drove by. Dan turned around and we looked inside, talked a bit, took down his number and said, “We will think about it.”

The following day we discussed it and figured it was cheap enough, why the hell not? I called the guy and made an offer. He countered and I said I would talk about it with Dan. I was going to pay him what he wanted, but he called back within five minutes and said he would take my offer, that they needed the money bad in order to pay the next mortgage payment. From that statement on, I felt uneasy. I’m leary of desperation like that. Made we wonder if I had missed something.

So that night we went and were going to pay them and get the title, paperwork, etc. Yeah, that didn’t happen. Guess they didn’t bother to register it in the three years that they “owned” it. The title was still in the original owner’s name. Effing cute. And, it gets worse. They lost the release of lien for the first owners. Mother eff. I should have backed out then. I just said I would deal with all of it. The woman actually had the audacity to want the money right then and there. I was like you will get your money when I get the paperwork. Dumb B.

Luckily, I know the first owners and they were cool and we got the deal done. So many hoops to jump through. The people called me the next day and were like well did you get the release of lien, blah blah. I was like no, the bank isn’t run by magical fairies. The people called like three times wanting their money. The woman made the man call and was always in the background running her cheewee mouth.

I stood in line at the DMV with two kids on a Friday afternoon for 30 minutes. I got to the counter and the girl spotted one error (Dan’s error that I didn’t catch) and I was turned away. BTW, that was my second trip to pburgh that day. It wasn’t her fault, but I could have punched her repeatedly. Instead I slammed my folder shut and pranced out of there bitching all the way.

Saturday, I said screw it and made Dan come with me and we hooked up to the pop-up and towed it home, without a license plate. I didn’t trust that it wouldn’t “disappear” suddenly once my money was handed over. The people were lying dickheads and I’ll leave it at that. Hope they didn’t lose their purty double-wide and that my money bought them another month with it. Mean? Yeah, well I feel like being mean.

Dan was “nice” enough to wash the outside and the awning. The lovely interior will be my project. Should be great fun. I hope we actually get to use it after all of these headaches.

Now you know why the whole thing is bittersweet for me.


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Wordless Wednesday – Sewing Tutorial With Memere


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Wordless Wednesday – Whoreific


I saw this boat at a local marina.  Judging by the name of choice, this guy must be:

1.  A perpetual bachelor;

2.  Desperate for attention;

3.  A colossal loser; and

4.  Still living with his mommy.


Wordless Wednesday – From Year to Year

June 14, 2006

June 18, 2007

I’m dreading it, but I guess I will be shuffling things around next year.  Plants are like children – manageable in infancy only 🙂