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Mother’s Day 2009

Happy Mother’s Day (a day late). I meant to write yesterday, but yesterday sucked. Well, the first part did anyway. The evening was pretty nice. I found out this morning why I was throwing myself such a pity party yesterday. What a wreck. Oh well, it passed as usual.

Dan had to work until 4:00. In years past he would have gone turkey hunting, so he never did anything for Mother’s Day. No surprise there.

After a gloom and doom morning, I brought the girls to visit my parents. I got her the standard issue card and a big mounding container of impatiens. They always plant them in the antique caldron on the side of the house. The visit was the same as usual – mom annoying the hell out of me and me getting bitchy and bossy at her. My dad must love when I go over.

When I got home, Dan made dinner for us. He made venison tenderloin, stir-fried zucchini and boiled potatoes. It was quite good for a spur of the moment meal. I was supposed to get my make-up Mother’s Day lunch the day before, just him and me. Didn’t happen. The MIL was the cause. She is usually the reason we fight. So Saturday sucked too. That woman is a piece of work.

We even played a board game together. Shocker. We try to watch AFV as a family every night. The kids like it, we like it – win, win. They even went to bed easy for a change. To finish the night, Dan and I watched the Incredible Hulk. Hey it was on. It wasn’t bad. When I was little (circa 1978/1979) I used to watch the original television series. Yeah, um, I’m glad the hulk was just a big body builder in green makeup back then as opposed to the hulk of today. I once had a nightmare about the hulk back then and was found under the kitchen table crying in the middle of the night. I would have needed therapy had I seen the hulk of today at 3 or 4 years old.

Morgan & Mommy

On a brighter note, Morgan’s kindergarten class had a Mother’s Day Tea for all the mothers or grandmothers on Friday. It was nice. Morgan drew a picture of me and wrote all the things she liked about me, etc. They also had a little poem to read and a song. So cute. The written poem and the hand prints made me well up. It was about them growing up and looking back on their little handprints to see how small they used to be 😥 We were served cookies and iced tea. After a few photos, I got to bring her and Ashley home with me.

I went to the Tea that they had in Ashley’s kindergarten class two years prior. Big difference. Let’s just say that Morgan is a little more loving and friendlier and we’ll leave it at that.

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About Easter.

I had been dreading Easter for over a week. 

Back before Christmas, I let my MIL have it with both barrels.  17 years of pent up resentment spewed forth for over an hour.  Needless to say, I avoided her like the plague after that.  Dan was not pleased that I spoke my mind, although the whole family feels the same way I do (seriously). 

Long story short I went to Easter lunch with Dan and the girls.  I did not hug anyone, but I did say Happy Easter to everyone in the room.  I hate being forced to embrace people just because.  So I didn’t.  Score one for me.

Then his sister showed up with scraggelly boyfriend number 987.  I don’t even bother to learn their names anymore.  She also brought her dog (see photo below).  She always brings her dog.  It has fleas and ear mites and was scratching and digging away all afternoon.  Yuck.  She is 35.  For the past 17 years she predictably plucks things such as olives out of communal bowls with her germy fingers.  I called her on it in front of everyone this year.  Yeah, that’s what I do.  I’m a bitch who doesn’t like filth.

So lunch was put out.  His mother took off, mumbling something about having to go somewhere.  She didn’t eat with us.  She came back awhile later and sat off to the side.  She didn’t talk to anyone.  The food sucked.  I ate as little as possible.  I’m not trying to be mean, the food actually sucked.

Same holiday, different year.  Spent the prerequisite time there as a “family” and then we left.  Before we left, I made sure to make eye contact with the MIL and say thank you for dinner.  She nodded and that was all.

Thank God the next holiday isn’t until November.


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Happy Easter

If you celebrate it, hope you had a good one.

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Overscheduled & Overwhelmed

There has been no let up these past few days.  I need a break dear Lord!

Last Friday, Ashley invited me to her school for a Mother’s Day Tea.  I left work early and drove to her school.  They had pictures for us and cookies and iced tea.  Lemonade for the kiddos.  They also had made cards and handprint poems.  We also got to choose carnations to take home.  It was nice for the most part.  I want to remember that instead of the meltdown that inevitably occured at one point.  I will do my best to forget that part.

Saturday we had to attend a graduation party an hour from home.  We rushed around and got everyone ready.  After dropping the kids off at my mother-in-law’s house, we headed out. 

I was dreading it a little bit because it was Dan’s friend and I wouldn’t know many people.  I shouldn’t have worried.  I have the gift of gab and got along fine.  We played volleyball.  That was on Saturday and I still feel like I was run over by something.  I have bruises all over my arms.  Those damn volleyballs are hard.  Whatever happened to Nerf anyway?  It was really fun though.  I’m way too competitive for my own good.  I broke a nail, a vein and I got grass stains all over my jeans.  Now I know why old people just sit on the sidelines and watch 🙂  Just like drinking, it’s fun today, but hellish tomorrow.

Sunday was Mother’s Day.  I guess this day does not apply to me.  I think there should be a day called Wives’ Day.  I always get the s@#t end of the stick.  Sounds selfish, but read on. 

Instead of taking it easy, relaxing and doing what I want, I had to run around and clean and scrub so that I could have my parents over.  Then I was supposed to go with Dan to see his mom and grandma.  I said no way, no how.  I made him take the kids away.  Did I finally have some time to myself?  You bet.  What did I do?  I did laundry, dishes, spring cleaning and rearranged the basement.  The same damn thing I did last year.  Maybe I’ll get to relax on Mother’s Day when I have grandchildren.


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