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It Still Exists

Yes, I unblocked this old blog.  I might want to share some stuff depending on my mood. 

I’ve made most of it private until I have time to wade through the 283 posts and make sure to censor stuff. 

I complain.  That’s what I do. 

It gets me into trouble sometimes.

Blogging can be tiresome, but we’ll see…


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Wordless Wednesday – Full Frontal

I had Dan take a few photos when we got back from lunch today.  It wasn’t so flat this morning.  Snow and freezing rain have a way of ruining everything, including hair.

Thanks for the compliments and nice words Rebecca:

“I have seen the hair people, I have seen the hair. My verdict – I seriously like it. It is a change for Jolene. More of a change than I thought it would be. I think it actually makes her look younger. It softens her and since she doesn’t have chubby cheeks like me, she looks good with going a little shorter. Good choice, Jolene. I hope it grows on you (no pun intended) and that you keep a similar style.”

I have a hard time believing that I look younger this way.  All I see in the mirror is somebody’s mother.

Also, you’re forgetting that I do have chubby cheeks.  They may not be on my face, but I still have them 🙂


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Wordless Wednesday – Smile Morgie

 I don’t think Dr. Foreman, DMD would be happy.

Oreo Truffles are good, but messy as can be.


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Wordless Wednesday – Black Pond

Photos Dan took on his recent fishing trip on Black Pond near Paul Smith’s, New York (Adirondacks).


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Wordless Wednesday – Whoreific


I saw this boat at a local marina.  Judging by the name of choice, this guy must be:

1.  A perpetual bachelor;

2.  Desperate for attention;

3.  A colossal loser; and

4.  Still living with his mommy.


Wordless Wednesday – The Cherry Bandit

Remember the cherry photo from two weeks ago?  I thought I just had to worry about the birds.  They had competition this year.


Wordless Wednesday – Origin of My Avatar

My avatar was cropped from this photo taken last July on Lake Champlain.


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