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I don’t like neighbors. I like privacy. I don’t like noise and I don’t like that I don’t have control over that aspect of my life. I would like to have a house in the middle of 50 acres, all fenced in and wooded. Not wooded right next to the house, but all around so that I can’t see any other houses or junk behind garages.

My neighbor is a bored old man who doesn’t have any friends. He’s an asshole with a temper. We haven’t said a word to each other since the day I flew out of the house and chastised him in front of another neighbor for burying plastic garbage bags full of leaves in what is essentially our shared backyard. Not one word. We go out of our way not to make eye contact.

He mowed his lawn on Saturday, then again on Sunday and then again today. I think he is sick in the head. He has a four wheeler, lawn mower, tractor, leaf blower and tiller.  All of which grate on my nerves. He used the lawn mower, tractor and tiller today – brrrrr, brrrrrrmmmmm, brrrr, over and over and over. When one thing stops another starts. That man needs an effing job. If only he could keep one. 

Dan recently purchased some land in a nearby town for the sole purpose of hunting.  All land transactions are posted in the local newspapers.  Five people questioned us about it when it appeared.  I get it, it’s public record, but damn it’s annoying.  The neighbor’s wife asked Dan if we were going to build there.  Her husband, the asshole, must have been all excited at the prospect of us moving, specifically me.  Sorry, not moving next to another crazy bastard.  The guy who owns the property next to the land Dan bought is another dickhead.  Long story that I can’t tell on a public blog.

I’m constantly checking the local real estate listings and a realtor sends me stuff on a daily basis.  I know I should stay here and I do like my house, but man, what I wouldn’t give to get away from this particular neighborhood.  I live in a Village and the street I’m on is supposed to have a 30 mph speed limit – ha!  It’s more like 50 mph and dangerous for children and pets.

I lust after some of the houses in another Village near here, but I don’t think I could handle being that close to people again.  I went to a birthday party a few days ago that was held at a home in that Village.  There was no place to park, no place to turn around, so claustrophobic.  It just made me anxious to get out.  I realized that I need to stop thinking about possibly buying a house in that area.  It would be a possibility after the kids were grown up, but definitely not now.  I would be miserable.

I have a home.  I need to be patient and not so impetuous when it comes to a huge decision like buying a forever home.  It’s so hard because I want everything NOW.

Oh great, now he’s pounding on metal.  I’d like to pound on his head.  Where’s a home association committee when I need one?


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Go To Hell Dell

Just wanted anyone visiting this blog to know that Dell sucks ass and no one should do business with them.  Bastards.  Also, don’t expect to speak to anyone with english as a first language – EVER.

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Tired & Unmotivated

My house is a disaster.  I just want everything put back in its place.  I’m pretty sure Dan thinks I should be doing all of that while he’s at work.  Well I’d rather go to work than do that job.  I need to renegotiate this contract I entered into 9.5 years ago.

Dan just painted the living room.  I love the color, but I’m not happy about a line that runs around the entire room.  The line was caused by many layers of paint throughout the years with a wall border around the middle, making it slightly uplifted after removal of the border, thus causing the appearance of a line.  He doesn’t seem inclined to do anything about it and that infuriates me.  I just want him to try sanding it again.  I don’t even care about the damn dust.  I will always see this line and it will drive me crazy.  I wish I could just say it’s good enough, but good isn’t enough.  I want pretty close to perfect or I won’t be happy.

Current stressors:  birthday party for Morgan’s classmate tomorrow and Easter on Sunday.  God knows what I will be stuck doing to please people I cannot stand.

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Day One of Spring Break

Let me just tell you how much I hate spring break – A LOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I also hate being told what to do by my husband.  Well, I don’t listen, but I hate it anyway.

He just needs to paint and shut his trap.

My kids, well, they need to go play with the thousands of toys they have and leave me alone for two seconds.  I just sat down to do this and Ashley is standing by my side making noise and driving me insane. 

13.5 more days to go.  Kill me now.


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Dinner With My Parents

My father invited us over for dinner Sunday.  I was surprised when I got there because he made Thanksgiving in April.  Yes, he made turkey and all the fixins.  That was exciting, but having to deal with my mother was not.  She makes me CRAZY.

I’ll spare you the dysfunctional details of the evening, but I will share one of her many helpful comments.  While showing my mom where the hem of her pants should fall, I turned around to show her where my hem fell.  What did she say?  She said, “You’ve put on weight, haven’t you?”  So I turned around and said, “So have you, about twenty years worth.”  Take that. 

I also used that as an opportunity to lecture her on proper etiquette while in public.  I told her if she felt the urge to make comments about people or their children while at basketball practice, that she would be banned by me.  I wish I had a mini, low voltage taser that I could use on her whenever she’s about to humiliate me. 

Typical visit with my mom. 

At least I got an excellent meal out of it.


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