Memorial Day Parade 2009

24 May

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The girls and I walked in the Memorial Day Parade again this year.  This was Morgan’s first year and Ashley’s second.  Morgan was thrilled that she got to carry a sign.  They sang their song, but it was drowned out by the big diesel truck behind us. 

One of the girl scout leaders bought red, white and blue hats for the whole troop to wear.  Yeah, um, that wasn’t such a great idea.  The hats had glitter all over them and the glitter transferred over onto the girls skin and hair.  It was quite the mess.  I gave them both baths after the fact and the glitter is still glued to their scalps.  I honestly think it will be there for weeks if not months. 

After the parade, Dan picked us up and we headed for the bazaar.  We did all of the things one can do at the bazaar:  ate fried dough, nachos, cotton candy, sno-cones, etc.  The kids only got to go on two rides each.  $10.00 for two tickets each.  What a rip off.  Those carnies are so nice, NOT!!!  One pissed Dan off and that’s hard to do.  Dan did quite well.  Sounds funny, but if you knew Dan you would know that he hates bazaars, carnivals and fairs.  I’m not fond of them either, but I like to please the kiddos. 

After the bazaar, we went home and had a nice BBQ dinner and decided to camp out that night.  More on that later.


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3 responses to “Memorial Day Parade 2009

  1. Rebecca

    May 27, 2009 at 9:46 am

    They aren’t really carnies, are they? I know at least one of them is a local kid who always works at the bazaar and I listened to two of them at the slide and they sounded like they were from the area. We did the bazaar part on Saturday when there aren’t as many people around. I thought the parade was really good this year. They girls looked cute. Emma wants to be in Scouts now-great.

  2. Jennifer

    May 27, 2009 at 10:40 am

    Mom went on about this being their bicentennial and the parade would be huge. yeah, right. same old parade. but serena loved it. some mother was trying to fix her up with her son. she had her son sit next to serena and kept taking pictures of the two of the. weird. but at least they were good kids and they all shared candy, better than last year.
    i know some of the them at least weren’t carnies, they were familiar looking. but the rides were pretty lame for the price. i thought the train was super short but i liked that, better than the cups one, that seemed to take forever.

  3. Jolene

    May 27, 2009 at 11:26 am

    Okay, I stand corrected. Carnie is easier to say than the surly men working the rides. They were not friendly and one gruffly told Morgan to stand back when she was trying to take her shoes off at the slide. Dan wasn’t happy and said, “Morgie, take your shoes off over here and stand back like the nice man said.”, loud enough for the jerk to hear.


    Thanks and sorry. Hope you convince her otherwise. Too much money, time and aggravation.


    God I would have loved to see you go down the slide with Serena. I would have paid for your ticket 🙂


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