18 Apr

About Easter.

I had been dreading Easter for over a week. 

Back before Christmas, I let my MIL have it with both barrels.  17 years of pent up resentment spewed forth for over an hour.  Needless to say, I avoided her like the plague after that.  Dan was not pleased that I spoke my mind, although the whole family feels the same way I do (seriously). 

Long story short I went to Easter lunch with Dan and the girls.  I did not hug anyone, but I did say Happy Easter to everyone in the room.  I hate being forced to embrace people just because.  So I didn’t.  Score one for me.

Then his sister showed up with scraggelly boyfriend number 987.  I don’t even bother to learn their names anymore.  She also brought her dog (see photo below).  She always brings her dog.  It has fleas and ear mites and was scratching and digging away all afternoon.  Yuck.  She is 35.  For the past 17 years she predictably plucks things such as olives out of communal bowls with her germy fingers.  I called her on it in front of everyone this year.  Yeah, that’s what I do.  I’m a bitch who doesn’t like filth.

So lunch was put out.  His mother took off, mumbling something about having to go somewhere.  She didn’t eat with us.  She came back awhile later and sat off to the side.  She didn’t talk to anyone.  The food sucked.  I ate as little as possible.  I’m not trying to be mean, the food actually sucked.

Same holiday, different year.  Spent the prerequisite time there as a “family” and then we left.  Before we left, I made sure to make eye contact with the MIL and say thank you for dinner.  She nodded and that was all.

Thank God the next holiday isn’t until November.


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Posted by on April 18, 2009 in Family, Holidays, Life


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