My 34th Birthday

01 Apr

It started off with Dan and the girls giving me their cards and gifts. Dan even made coffee for me – woo hoo. The girls made me cards and other drawings and put them in old cereal boxes that they had decorated – too funny. Ashley gave me 50 cents and Morgan gave me a nickel. Dan snuck off to Pburgh yesterday and bought me a new shredder and a wall ledge. I was thrilled. Sounds weird, but that’s what I told him I wanted. I’m all about shredding and recycling anything I can and my old shredder was a toy. This is the cadillac of shredders. I’m not a jewelry kind of girl. I’d rather have practical things that I will actually use. Cash works too 🙂

By sheer luck Dan had the day off. I always have Wednesdays off. Once the kids got on the bus, we headed for Pburgh and had a leisurely day of shopping. He goes his way and I go mine. The mall is great at that time of the day – practically void of all people, especially obnoxious teenagers.

We have a new store in the mall where the Gap was – The Dress Barn. They have so many cute dresses. The prices are not like the outlet in Glens Falls, that’s for sure. I tried on three dresses. They looked much better on the rack :(. I almost had a situation in the dressing room. I got stuck in a dress and seriously thought I was going to need help getting out. I wrecked my hair and scratched myself, but I got out without embarassing myself. The clerk actually came by and asked through the door if I needed help twice :). Their dresses were reasonably priced, but the blouses were not – yikes. I love me a clearance rack.

I also purchased another framed print. Yup, it’s a black and white scene depicting trees. I can’t get enough. I have several already. Dan liked it too and didn’t protest for once, so there’s that.

We decided to eat at Applebees instead of the 99 for a change. Shouldn’t mess with perfection. The food was less than stellar. I’ll spare you the details. Luckily, Dan did not embarrass me by having them come to the table and sing. He teased that he had put in the request with the waitress while I was in the restroom.

I also received cards, calls, emails, facebook comments and myspace comments from friends and relatives. Thank you again.

We concluded the day at home by having chocolate silk pie after dinner instead of cake – my choice. I still made my wish and blew out a candle.

All said, all done, it was a great day.

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